Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

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Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

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Available in amethyst, citrineclear crystal quartz, rose quartz, smokey quartz and obsidian. These gorgeous water bottles make a statement to say the very least. At the gym, on the go, to yoga -- take it with you everywhere!

What is this all about, you ask? No problem, allow us to explain...

Crystal elixirs, also known as crystal essences or crystal-infused waters, have been used by countless spiritual mystics and esoteric sages throughout the millennia for the unique properties they possess. These crystal essences are a handy way to tap into the frequency and vibration energies of the crystals for mental and spiritual health, vitality and more. Each different natural crystal harbors and projects unique qualities known to balance, boost, and help protect these delicate energies that affect the human emotional and spiritual state of being. 

If you need help choosing a crystal infused water bottle we recommend going with whichever gem calls to you. Scroll through the pictures, take your time and have a close look. You may visit our store with the intention of purchasing an obsidian bottle, but you may be inexplicably guided towards clear quartz for a reason you can't explain. In that case... listen to your intuition, the universe is trying to tell you something. 

Do NOT miss this sale. These sell for well over $100 in retail shops. We are almost giving these away at $39.99

Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

Our crystal water bottles are manufactured with quality materials and authentic natural crystals. The bottles are made of glass, stainless steel, and a 'Mother-Earth approved' all organic crystal of your choice. Infuse the healing energies of crystals into your drinking water for a variety of positive energy and wellness benefits including improved alertness, better concentration, increased energy, and a better mood. As ancient sages have claimed, these gems clear negative energy in all natural ways, for example...

"Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals."

Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

Additionally, check out the rose quartz bottle that features a gemstone for the hopeful and dedicated lovers that has long been used to signify the bonds of love in many cultures. According to ancient mystics...

"Rose quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries -- according to myth, Cupid, the Roman god of desire, bestowed the gift of love to humans in the form of a rose quartz. Another rose quartz myth tells of the stone receiving its color from the blood Aphrodite spilled while trying to save her dying lover Adonis. Both of the lovers bled over the stone, and its lasting stain is meant to represent eternal love. Later in Ancient Native American cultures, the rose quartz stone meaning was the same. They believed that this love stone could be used in amulets to resolve anger and disappointments, and bring love into newly harmonized emotions."

Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

Another example of ancient gemstone power is exhibited in the volcanic stone known as obsidian. 

Obsidian deposits are found the world over, including -- Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico,  and Russia. 

As the mystics say...

"Obsidian is known to have excellent healing properties. It is known as a stone of protection, and shields the wearer from negativity. Obsidian rids the wearer of resentments they have been holding onto, along with anger and fear, allowing one to feel free, present and calm."

 Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

Do NOT miss this sale. These sell for well over $100 in retail shops. We are almost giving these away at $39.99

Newly available! The gemstone can also be swapped out with other gemstone inserts.



The bottles themselves are dishwasher-safe. The bottle breaks down into three pieces, the cap, the bottle and the crystal base. Please remove the crystal before placing in dishwasher. To properly care for the crystal base, wash thoroughly with soap and warm water. Be sure to dry the crystal base completely after washing to avoid grime buildup, tarnish and possible rusting on the metal fastening wire. Use caution when exposing your crystals to direct heat. Warm water is best for washing, avoid hot water that might damage the crystal.

For maximum crystal efficiency and power, you can charge your crystal by moonlight by leaving it in a safe place outside overnight or in a window sill inside with a clear path to the moons' rays. 

There are two ways that moonlight charging can be optimized, depending on your purpose. The ascending moon is related to new beginnings, optimism and hope, whereas the energy of a descending moon is related to those things that we would like to abolish, like reducing debts, negativity and illness. A full moon is related to love and abundance. Understanding the phase of ascending and descending moonlight is important for best results.

Alternatively, you can also use the sun to charge your crystal by daylight, the choice is yours. If you choose to charge your crystal by daylight, a full charge takes up to 12 hours, but be aware that direct sunlight and extreme heat can fade or damage your crystal. Morning hours at sunrise are best. 

Vitality, love and abundance are the qualities that resonate from charging crystals with sunlight. Morning or early afternoon will find the crystals most receptive due to the strong rays of the sun.


-- Bottles are 550ML (approx 18 OZ) -- Crystal Sizes Vary Between 2.5" and 3.5"


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Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle

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Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Amethyst
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Quartz
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Rose Quartz
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Citrine
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Obsidian
Krystal Hydration Gemstone Water Bottle - Smokey Quartz